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After a couple of months of spending days at Christmas markets and wrapping orders the time has come to get back to making. This week I have been in the print room printing tea towels. Tea towels were very popular over Christmas so quite a few designs had sold out or were running very low… not anymore! I’ve changed the ink that I use too. Whilst at university we always used Daler Rowney acrylic ink for screen printing, so I naturally carried on using this when I started making Whinberry & Antler products. It’s nice enough to use, and particularly good if you’re printing onto both paper and textiles, as you mix either a medium for paper or medium for textiles into the acrylic ink (colour pigment). After quite a few chats with other screen printers though, I have had the Permaset Aqua range recommended to me many times, especially as I print exclusively onto textiles… so I’ve given it a go.

Permaset Aqua Ink Photo 16-01-2015 12 28 38









These inks are really nice to use; they are a bit runnier and don’t seem to dry on the screen as much (always the danger when screen printing with water based inks as this will cause the silk screen mesh to get blocked… which isn’t good.) They are also really environmentally friendly so I’ll be sticking with Permaset from now on.

So, seeing as tea towel stock was running pretty low, I got started with printing some wandering hedgehogs for the first printing session of 2015!

Screen Printing Hedgehog Tea TowelsScreen Printing Hedgehog Tea Towels









Country Homes & Interiors Blog photo


Country Homes & Interiors Magazine got in touch recently to do a quick Q&A about the making processes here at Whinberry & Antler. The interview is now available to read on their blog. I must say a really big thank you to Tara King from the magazine for getting in touch and to the magazine for sharing it on Facebook and Twitter, it’s been lovely to read peoples comments and see their likes (3.5K so far!). Just click on the image to the left to take a look at the interview…

Well, I’d better get on with some printing (Hares are next), but thank you for reading. If there is anything that you would like to ask or hear about here on the blog, please do get in touch –, it’s always nice to hear from people!

Have a lovely weekend, W&A.



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